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I help my clients to elevate their professional image by bringing out the best in themselves and/or their businesses so they can be seen for the professionals they are and what they have to offer.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I was a Designer & Art Director, and even spent several years modeling. I conceptualized and art directed photo shoots for companies like Royal Caribbean, Shells Restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings, Publix Supermarkets, and most of the Marriott Hotel Brands! So even before I was shooting as a career, I was always around the camera, on one side or the other. I think its all this experience combined that gives me a unique perspective when shooting for my clients.

Shooting with Flourish will allow you and/or your business to do just that— to flourish ;)

FOR BUSINESS: Commercial / Lifestyle :: Personal & Corporate Branding :: Social Media Content Library :: Head Shots :: Modeling

FOR PERSONAL, visit us here: Glamour & Beauty for girls of all ages: Teens :: High School Seniors :: Mothers & Daughters :: Sisters

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A highlight video of some of our clients and their images.